From the master glassmakers of
central mexico

Mexico has a long history of great arts & craftmaking, handmade ceramics, weaving, metal and wood working as well as glass blowing are among many.

Early Mexican glassware was produced in the historic city of Puebla in the 1540s.

The technique of making this unique glass is done by blowing through a pipe onto a molten glass mass. As the glassmaker blows he begins to mold the piece by continuously turning it around with the pipe. As the piece begins to cool it's shaped as required while color is added to bring to life beautiful individual effects.
Many designs, such as small bubbles, splatters, colored swirls, confetti or pebble patterns can be produced.



Beautiful effects… Small bubbles, splatters, colored swirls, confetti or pebble patterns

Each piece of Orion glassware is specially made to our requirements by Master Glassblowers

Mexican glass making Wine glasses from Mexico

High-tech factory production methods have tried to imitate the techniques of native blowers; but none have captured the substance, warmth, individuality of shape, and the elegance of handmade glass.

All our glass is lead free. As every glass is individually blown and shaped slight variations in size and colors are normal. The process also creates occasional small trapped bubbles. In short — no two glasses are exactly alike — which of course is part of the beauty and charm of Artisan–World glass.


Although it is quite durable, this glass is not tempered so some extra care is necessary:

• A cooling-off period is essential after the glassware is removed from the dishwasher. Extreme temperature changes may cause thermal shock.

•This glassware is not suitable for serving hot beverages.